Entrepreneur or Con Artist?

This morning when I picked up a copy of the Sunday paper I saw that the front-page headline made reference to an executive named Carisa Carpenter that is in the process of setting up a film studio close to where I live.  Also included was mention of her long history of failed endeavors in the past that resulted in numerous legal actions taking place.

I immediately thought of Thomas Edison and his numerous attempts to develop a working light bulb.  How many times have people trying to achieve something worthwhile encountered a significant number of failures or setbacks before ultimately achieving their goal?  The subject of today’s newspaper article has tried to build several movie studios at various locations throughout California and of course big money was at stake.  This has been an ongoing saga for just over two decades and for one reason or another, things have  just not panned out which leads me to wonder; is this person genuinely trying to get something going that could buck the Hollywood movie establishment or is this just her way of cashing in on unsuspecting individuals?

Being as how I don’t know Carisa Carpenter personally, I do not feel in a legitimate position to say.   But if I give her the benefit of the doubt, I must say that I am a bit somewhat in admiration for how long her overall story has been taking place dealing with her alleged attempts to build up the movie industry in California.   Granted, I know that worthwhile ventures don’t come to fruition overnight but it does seem like 20 years to get something like this going is a bit excessive.  My feeling is that if this is all some several decades long process of scamming people; things have a way of coming back to do “karmic justice” upon the perpetrators.   But if Carisa Carpenter is in fact on the level, I wish success for her intended goal and hope that it brings resulting economic prosperity to the local community.

To find out more about what is going on with this story, click on the link below.  Also included with the article are a few descriptions of encounters that people have had while dealing with Carisa Carpenter.  After reading,  you then can make your own decision as to whether or not Carisa Carpenter is an entrepreneur or con artist.  Either way, it makes for interesting reading.  In closing I wish to emphasize that I myself have had no first hand dealings with this woman and the content of this post is in no way intended to be taken as a factual depiction of her moral character.



Carisa Carpenter – Entrepreneur or Con Artist?

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