Entrepreneur or Blogger?

I recently read a blog post on JohnChow.com that sort of hit me like a brick wall.  It basically posed the question “Are you an entrepreneur or just a blogger?”  The author of the article was describing how many people write posts telling how to achieve various results related to success but they themselves have not achieved those results.

The author Michael Chibuzor,  describes the concept that the state of being an entrepreneur is a mindset and that the entrepreneur is enveloped in passion concerning what he or she is doing.  The involvement goes above and beyond being a passion, it becomes a way of life that gets centered around the pursuit of the desired goal.   Chibuzor gives a precept of advice that all entrepreneurs need to follow in order to have a hope of being successful; write down a goal.  Having the goal gives the entrepreneur a “destination” and he or she ultimately decides which path to take.

Another precept touched upon by the author is that the entrepreneur needs to provide a product or service that will provide a solution to a problem or problems that people are experiencing.  Some of us may think “No duh!” while this advice may be totally new to others.  To give you a deeper breadth of what the author is wishing to convey, I direct your attention to the link below and thoroughly encourage you to read it and think about it afterwards.

My thanks to Michael Chibuzor for sharing his thoughts on this subject.



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