Employee & Entrepreneur – Do the two mix?

Is it possible to be a business owner and employee at the same time?

Is it possible for an individual to perform the two functions at equal levels?   I am currently of the belief that it is not.  The implication being that one may make an attempt at both aspects but in the end, one of the two options will suffer.  The two may coexist but the quality of one will outweigh the other.

During the duration of my recent three week vacation, I spent much of the time reviewing various materials on how I could improve the SEO characteristics of my business website (www.seizetheprize.com – has since been deactivated)as well as learning how to increase my marketing.   It was nice not having to go to work and having the time to devote to developing a business.   Now that I am back at work, I am once again faced with the challenge of combining my work time and personal business time into the fixed amount of time that I am awake during the day.

So as I had mentioned in a previous post, it is very essential to stay focused on what it is that you want to get done on any given day and stick to the plan.  Unless the necessary actions are taken in order to develop a business, the business will not develop.  It would be possible to devote more time to business development activities (i.e. marketing, traffic generation) but cutting back in other areas ( sleep, time with family) but at some point the risk of burnout occurs.   The need to stop and take a break presents itself and for me it was very much a necessity to do just that last Sunday.

One thing that can be thought about is the utilization of available resources that would allow for an increase in productivity for any given amount of time spent in a business related activity.   Something that I read about recently that increases the amount of websites reached is called the “Power Submitter”.  From what I have heard this is a program that allows for the submission of a business related (or any other type of ad) to be submitted to hundreds of different sites all with the use of a single form!   I will be examining other things that can make the overall business process more efficient as well.

But if one finds they don’t have the option of “divorcing” one for the other, a compromise for the time being may have to be worked out.  The person who is not content as an employee and has aspirations for becoming a business owner may have to be momentarily content with the present circumstances until a new arrangement can be established.    Various obligations may dictate that the person continue to work for someone else while in the meantime, he or she devotes any available free time towards getting the business established.   This in itself presents a benefit to the aspiring business owner/entrepeneur of knowing that their dreams and aspirations are being pursued.  Also, the knowledge of pursuing a potential opportunity can be very uplifting.

I encourage anyone aspiring to establish their own business ( home-based or otherwise) to not lose sight of the dreams and to endeavor to overcome any obstacles that present themselves.  If a person has a goal and dream (such as starting a business!) but does not take advantage of any opportunities to make it come to fruition, that ends up being a waste of one’s energy.   Make the most of what you have!

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