Don’t “shrug” off this movie if you are an entrepreneur!

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My wife and I ended up seeing “Atlas Shrugged” Part II.  Earlier this year she finished reading the book and mentioned how eerily similar today’s economic circumstances are to those that were in place during the time the author wrote the book back in the 1950’s.  Much of the book has to do with the increasing encroachment upon business in America by government.  In the book, author Ayn Rand depicts a society where the leading minds of the country are becoming increasingly burdened by taxation and governmental regulations.  As a result of an exponentially increased level of government meddling, the overall economic situation in the country takes a ever increasing downward spiral which results in massive civil chaos.

A main character in the book, John Galt, strives to show what would happen in a society if people were not free to use their creative energies which in turn propelled the country forward in various ways.  Without such freedom of creativity as a result of the government’s intervening, things would basically grind to a halt.  Also portrayed in the book doing battle with government bureaucracy are three leading industrialists who seek to keep the ideals of free enterprise alive.

What really struck me about what the book said (this is based on information shared by my wife who read the book) as well as the movie is its prophetic nature.  Written back in the ’50’s, Atlas Shrugged describes circumstances that are readily apparent today in the 21st century.  To get a gauge on the level of governmental regulation, all one needs to do is enter “new regulations” on Google.  Some of the regulations imposed by the Federal Government deal with school lunches (and a whole lot more!).  My wife (who is an elementary school principal) informed me that as per the feds, seconds are not allowed to be given to students.  Supposedly this is due to some anti child obesity campaign in effect.  So, instead of giving extra food to those who ask for it such as the 12 year old sixth-grade boys, it gets tossed out.  Yep, toss out the food instead of giving it to hungry children or wait, maybe even a local homeless shelter.  What is the government doing being involved with school lunches anyway??  The list of examples of governmental involvement go on and on.

So in essence, take the chance to either see the movie (you will probably have to get it on video or read the book) or read the book.  Afterwards, take a look around you and you decide for yourself whether or not governmental involvement while portraying itself to have the national welfare in mind is in fact stifling the very growth of this country.  As former President Ronald Reagan said;  The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ” I’m from the Government and I’m here to help.”





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