One entrepreneurs’ story that we all need to learn about.

If you are in need of a glimpse to see what you may face in your entrepreneurial pursuits, you need to see the newly released movie “Joy.”  It’s the story of Joy Mangano, a single mother of 3 children who designed a revolutionary product known as the “Miracle Mop.”  To put it mildly, the story behind this movie blew me away. It deals with perseverance, belief in self, overcoming the numerous obstacles that can come our way and not taking no for an answer.

The movie starts off with a flashback to Joy’s childhood years in a scene that shows her with her half-sister playing with various furniture pieces made out of notebook paper while the voice of her grandmother introduces the audience to the beginnings of Joy’s story.  We are then fast forwarded to Joys’ adult years showing her working as a ticket receptionist for Eastern Airlines.

In addition to facing the daunting task of raising 3 kids, Joy also has to care for her recluse mother who refuses to leave her bedroom.  Her parents are divorced and much of Joys time is taken up by the two of them albeit in separate locations.  One day, her father Rudy announces that he has a new girlfriend and after awhile Joy and her half-sister Peggy are invited for an outing on the water as the guests of the new girlfriend.

During the outing, wine is being drank and a glass is dropped and shatters on the deck of the boat.  Joy cuts her hands on the broken glass.  After her wounds are tended to, she comes up with an idea for a mop that would eliminate the need for touching with the hands.

Now here is where the story begins to get good; a need has been identified and an idea has been conceived. From there the idea goes to the drawing board where the visualization becomes something that can be shared with others.  Joy then comes up with a way to develop an actual product and from there the obstacles of promotion and production are faced.  Along with this, the ensuing drama between Joy and family members reveal the negativity that entrepreneurs can end up having to deal with.

All the roadblocks that entrepreneurs face are displayed in this movie.  The financial, emotional and material aspects of what an up and coming business person can face all intertwine with Joys’ perseverance and determination to succeed. Even though “Joy” accounts for the tough roads that entrepreneurs can sometimes travel; it serves as an inspiration for those who are willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams.

Click on the link below to find out more about Joy Mangano and her story.

Joy Mangano biography


Are there demons within you?

At various times in my life I can recall feelings within me that basically gave me the impression that for one thing or another, I simply was not deserving of it or was not good enough to pursue it. Or even if I did pursue something, sometimes a nagging thought lingered within me saying that I would not get good at it. These negative feelings that I allowed to hold me back at different phases of my life I coined as my “inner demons”.

What causes these feelings of self-doubt to generate?  My feeling is that it has to do a lot with upbringing as well as various social taboos that get imposed upon us. People who in their minds are wishing us good by not having harm fall upon us can actually be a source of harm themselves.  How about you, have you ever experienced what it was like dealing with such demons within you?  If not, consider yourself fortunate and chances are that you know someone who does deal with feelings that generate from an overall lack of self-confidence.

How can such a situation apply to the aspiring online entrepreneur?  Well, chances are that if deep inside you don’t think you will be able to get something done; those feelings of self-doubt have a strong probability of seeing that you won’t get that particular something accomplished.  Now every once in awhile there is the occasion where someone has an unexpected positive outcome and experiences success but in general the end result won’t be the desired one.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across a simple method of how to deal with what could be described as a somewhat crippling lack of self-confidence. In his book “ The Motivation Manifesto,” author Brendan Burchard gives reference to an enemy that stands in the way of us achieving our personal potential.  He names it “Defiance” and describes it as a 3-headed monster that comes to life whenever one wishes to take a risk.  “Defiance” is what causes us to experience the feelings of anxiety, trepidation and self-doubt.  The three heads of this monster also have names; they are Doubt, Delay and Division.  To combat each of these three entities, the author offers a remedy for each.  To combat Doubt, the author tells us to and gives suggestions to develop ourselves so that we can replace it with faith. To counter Delay, Mr. Burchard tells us to take action. Of course this does not mean that one should take action haphazardly, but know when the moment is right and act upon it.

Now I found the description of Division most interesting; an “eyeless, jet-black serpent head” whose “goal is to shred our humanity by making us go blind to the good in others”. It is what prevents us from coming into contact and interacting with others. Burchard teaches us to make the transition from Division through the use of love. Not love in the romantic sense, but from a sense of being able to see and accept the good that is within those around us.

It is my opinion that the implementation of the wonderful information that Mr. Burchard shares with the readers of his book, The Motivation Manifesto, will prove themselves to be tools that are nothing short of invaluable to those wishing to be entrepreneurs.  They will serve to remove obstacles, accelerate people towards there goes and enjoy the interaction that comes from dealing with like-minded individuals.  But don’t sell yourself short by confining your readings to this post; that would not do you the reader justice.  Allow yourself the opportunity to fully experience what this treasure of a book has to offer and get a copy of The Motivation Manifesto for yourself!

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Brendan Burchard for this wonderful contribution to the good of us all.


What’s Holding You Back From Entrepreneurship?

Have you ever wondered what is holding you back from achieving greater success?  Do you have thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur and wonder why you are not there yet?  I must admit, I have had these thoughts lots of times.  You have thoughts like “what if?” and “what about that?” and “well it might not work.”  Yes, your idea may not work but you never know, it just might!

Today I found myself engaged in activities that really had nothing to do with pursuing success from the entrepreneurial standpoint.  Ever since I read an article some time back that asked whether I was an entrepreneur or small business owner, I have been somewhat in limbo. So needless to say, the lack of results in anything of an entrepreneurial nature as far as today goes is solely my doing.

Earlier today, I read another article (I like to read, in case you were wondering) that focuses on rising above the level of “wantrepreneur.”  This is a term that describes those who think about entrepreneurship but have not quite made it to the next level (could this be me?).  The article lists some traits that “wantrepreneurs” display that holds them fixed to the launching pad without ever really achieving lift-off.

My take on this article (which of course I will share!) is that the common denominators holding people back are indecisiveness and lack of action.  Too much waiting and not enough doing.  Some great examples are given that deal with the persistence of some individuals who went on to achieve great success.  Please click the link below.  My thanks to the author, Rahul Varshneya and I hope you enjoy the article!

“5 Reasons Why You Will Remain A Wantrepreneur”


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Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner?

Recently I read an article that pretty much stopped me dead in my tracks.  The content of the article gave me an expanded version of my interpretation of the term “entrepreneur” and gave me cause for some additional self-examination.

One definition of the term “entrepreneur” I studied basically alluded to a person who began an undertaking related to business and accepts responsibility for its outcome.  A new perspective was presented dealing with entrepreneurship by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter.  Schumpeter in his definition focuses on innovation; dealing with new products, manufacturing procedures, markets and methods of organization.

Author Bill Crosby in his article “A Basic Understanding of Entrepreneurship” states that a difference exists in entrepreneurial ventures and small business  with regard to the amount of wealth that is created, the speed at which the wealth is created, amount of risk involved as well as the magnitude of innovation.

Seeing this new (at least new for me) take on the concept of being an entrepreneur made me take a stronger look at what I was doing.  It was somewhat disturbing to say the least to think that my view of being an entrepreneur could be inaccurate.  If I compared myself to Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffett, I would rank as a proverbial nobody.

But one thing cannot be denied and that is the internal presence of a spirit the drives me to do new and great things.  Yes, money is a factor but I also look to the good that can come about as a result of the money.  In addition, the sense of pride in accomplishment that results from doing new and great things is something that cannot have a price-tag placed upon it.  My thanks to Bill Crosby for sharing this article (see link below) that gives new meaning to the term “entrepreneur.”





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Grant Money for Entrepreneurs

It seems like nowadays you see more and more ads in various places online that use the terms “weird tricks” or “shocking reports” as part of their advertising.  Websites claiming to blow the cover wide open on a variety of subjects in addition to strange methods on how to accomplish various things seem to be popping up everywhere.

After awhile, I found myself to be immediately repelled from such postings thinking that exposure to another online scam was imminent.   As with anything if there is one person proclaiming the wonders of “whatever” there would be someone else saying that the same things was a bunch of gibberish.

This led me to remember a book I came across by Matthew Lesko that claimed it had all sorts of listings showing where you could apply for government-funded grant money.  The potential uses for the grant money listed were numerous, ranging from producing an independent film to starting a business.   If memory serves me right, some years back I did send off for some materials that supposedly would show me how to get something started (can’t remember what it was!).  My recommendation is to be somewhat leery if you are asked to pay any money upfront for items such as “Grant Kits.”

Now if you decide to move forward and attempt to obtain government grant money, I recommend that you deal directly with the agency involved.  You may find that just obtaining any funding (with the understanding that it would have to be paid back) may also be an acceptable option.  One agency you can research is the Small Business Administration.  Another website you can research for potential funding is   This is a place where you can promote your idea for a

Logo of the U.S. government's Small Business A...

Logo of the U.S. government’s Small Business Administration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

start-up project (see the page for more specific information) and who knows, you just may end up getting the funding you need.  Check it out.

Another option to consider would be to network with like-minded individuals such as yourself and swap ideas.  It never hurts to link up with those who have “been there and done that.”  In addition, there is an added trust factor that can develop when you deal with people directly.  Network Baby Network!!

So if you run into hurdles with your fund-raising ventures, don’t give up.  Seek out all avenues that are available.  Think Law of Attraction!

Best Wishes to you and by all means send me a comment to let me know how your experiences pan out!



p.s.  The icon below may prove to be a useful link to some extra information.




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Is passion a vital element in your endeavors?

Last week I was involved in providing coaching and mentoring to a person who was in the process of preparing for a job interview. As the coaching session progressed, I realized once again how much I was enjoying the process and began to wonder to what degree passion was involved.

Being the overly analytical person that I can tend to be, I thought about the word passion and my definition of it.  To some, the word passion can imply a strong feeling in the sexual context.  In other circumstances, it can describe an intense focus that one has while devoting attention to the task at hand.  For myself in this situation, it involved the enjoyment that I was experiencing in seeing that another individual was overcoming some self-confidence issues as well as thinking that a high degree of potential success was looming for this individual.

So why my level of involvement in helping this person?  As a teenager and young adult, I frequently experienced a lack of confidence and self-worth in a variety of situations.  I tended to not give myself credit for the potential that lie within me.  After my separation from a 20 year stint in the military, I was faced with the daunting task of finding a new job.  Was it a struggle?  Of course!  But the vital lesson that I gained from this was that it was not an impossible struggle.  With the right frame of mind, I knew that anyone could overcome the obstacles that I faced.

During the last couple of years I have had the privilege of working with individuals who were in the process of pursuing additional goals in their professional careers.  For me there were two factors that consistently came into play;  the first being the enjoyment I received from helping people while they better prepare for the job interview and the second being the satisfaction I gained from seeing people become more confident in the type of employees that they are.  Looking back, my overall track record has not been bad.

Now take the time to think about anything that you do where the element of passion is lacking.  It makes no difference whether the task is performed poorly or well just as long as it is done.  Would an element of passion make a difference in the final outcome?  I will not hesitate to respond with a resounding “yes!”   The extra amount of focus and attention that goes into whatever it is that you are doing definitely impacts the final result.  I could just water my orange tree on a regular basis and be accepting of however the fruit turns out when the season arrives.  Or, in addition to watering; fertilizer could be applied at regular intervals and the necessary pruning could be done so that the fruit has more room in which to grow.  A higher likelihood exists that if I add the extra measures of attention and focus when it comes to caring for the tree, the oranges will turn out larger and sweeter.  Call it the “fruits of labor” if you will!

So whatever the task that you are involved with, if it is something that is important to you and you want to see that it gets done well, add a little passion to the equation.  Think of it as an extra ingredient to make the recipe come out even better!





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Entrepreneur or Blogger?

I recently read a blog post on that sort of hit me like a brick wall.  It basically posed the question “Are you an entrepreneur or just a blogger?”  The author of the article was describing how many people write posts telling how to achieve various results related to success but they themselves have not achieved those results.

The author Michael Chibuzor,  describes the concept that the state of being an entrepreneur is a mindset and that the entrepreneur is enveloped in passion concerning what he or she is doing.  The involvement goes above and beyond being a passion, it becomes a way of life that gets centered around the pursuit of the desired goal.   Chibuzor gives a precept of advice that all entrepreneurs need to follow in order to have a hope of being successful; write down a goal.  Having the goal gives the entrepreneur a “destination” and he or she ultimately decides which path to take.

Another precept touched upon by the author is that the entrepreneur needs to provide a product or service that will provide a solution to a problem or problems that people are experiencing.  Some of us may think “No duh!” while this advice may be totally new to others.  To give you a deeper breadth of what the author is wishing to convey, I direct your attention to the link below and thoroughly encourage you to read it and think about it afterwards.

My thanks to Michael Chibuzor for sharing his thoughts on this subject.



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Some Pointers for Time Management

I am currently in the process of reading “Success One Day At A Time” by John Maxwell for the second time.  This masterpiece of a book contains so much awesome information that reading it once was not enough.  If you are like me, we find ourselves having difficulty focusing effectively on any one venture due to being interested in a wide variety of things.  This situation so to speak has been coined as the “dilemma of the Renaissance Man.”

One can also say that there is no such thing as time management but rather activity management.  I myself tend to agree with this philosophy but I can see how both outlooks are valid.

In order to achieve the results we seek (whatever those results may be), it is of paramount importance that the proper actions be applied.  With the greater magnitude of proper action that gets applied for any given amount of time (hence the intensity of the action); this will determine the likelihood of how soon the desired results come to fruition.

So is there a general philosophy that can be applied by anyone who seeks to attain better use of their time?  I like to think that there is.  Please allow me to share with you a list of principles (all courtesy of Mr. Maxwell) that may prove helpful to you should you find yourself wondering whether or not your time is being put to high-value use:

  • Things that advance your overall life purpose.
  • Things that you have always wanted to do (skydiving and flying here I come!).
  • Things that others say can’t be done (always fun to say “Told you so!”).
  • Things that help you grow to your maximum potential.
  • Things that develop other people’s ability to achieve and lead.
  • Things that multiply – rather than merely add- value to yourself and others.
  • Things that harness your creativity.
  • Things you can delegate to others (I am a big time fan of this one!).
  • Things that promote teamwork and synergy.
  • Things that are now or never opportunities (I myself always encourage a “look before you leap” philosophy when appropriate but if your inner self says go for it; by all means do so).
In closing, I would like to once again thank John Maxwell for this guidance that all entrepreneurs can put to good use.  There is only so much time in a day, put it to good use!  Without a doubt, I would say that his book “Success One Day At A Time” is a must-read!

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Principles of Success Don’t Only Apply for Humans

I recently had the pleasure of getting to read “Success – One Day At A Time” by John Maxwell.  Not a large book but it comes packed with an abundant supply of useful information.  Chapters in the book deal with material ranging from the amount of work involved in the attainment of success, just what it is that constitutes success and why failures can be a good thing.

One of the more interesting passages in the book told a story of the flocks of seagulls that inhabited the section of the seaside town of Monterrey, California known as Cannery Row.  This part of the book described how during the era when the fish cannery’s were in full swing, the seagulls would feast on the abundant supply of fish scraps that were discarded in the canning process.  There was no need to keep their hunting skills fresh, all the birds had to do was show up and the meal was there for the taking.  But one day, the cannery’s closed and guess what, the bird’s meal ticket was gone!  It was soon noted that by the locals that the birds were starving; they had forgotten how to fish on their own!  Someone finally suggested that seagulls from outside the Monterrey area be imported and intermixed with the local flocks.  This way, it was hoped that the local birds would once again catch on to what was necessary so that they could once again rely on their own skills.

The idea worked!  Seagulls that were facing a pending death from hunger watched what their new neighbors were doing and soon their self-reliance was restored and the threat was averted.  How about this as an example of “Birds of a feather………(you know the rest).”   It just goes to show once again that if you wish to pursue success, do what the successful people are doing.  Also of importance is that you become clear in your mind as to what constitutes success for you; money isn’t always the answer.

In closing, I would like to list the “Seven Steps To Success” that Mr. Maxwell has listed in his book:

1. Make a commitment to grow daily.

2. Value the process more than events.

3. Don’t wait for inspiration.

4. Be willing to sacrifice pleasure for opportunity.

5. Dream big.

6. Plan your priorities.  (This can be tough but it is oh so important!)

7. Give up to go up.

Don’t read this jewel of a book just for the seven steps listed above, there is plenty of other good chapters as well!

Now I like to consider myself one who has read a fair amount of books dealing with the subject of success.  But I can say that without a doubt, “Success – One Day At A Time” by John Maxwell definitely ranks as a favorite and of course it comes highly recommended.

(Is this an affiliate link?  You bet it is!)

Here’s To You!

A Real Source of Inspiration

At some point in our lives we all experience a feeling of doubt as to whether or not we can accomplish something.  More often than not, we hear “No you can’t!” than “Yes you can!”  People also tend to be inclined to accept the negative influences that come their way instead of standing up to them and focusing solely on the positive.

Back in 2002 I had the experience of watching a movie titled “Door to Door” with William H. Macy.  This is the story of a remarkable individual named Bill Porter who would not take no for an answer.  Stricken with cerebral palsy, Bill Porter was basically faced with the prospect that he would not have a normal life.  Undeterred by his physical obstacles and with the unending support of his parents, Bill was determined to make his own way in life.  Landing a position with the J.R. Watkins company, Bill began his career as a door to door salesman promoting the company line of culinary, personal care and home cleaning products.

Did he get the door shut in his face?  Oh I’m sure it happened many times!  Did he worry about what people would think when they saw a physically handicapped man knocking at their door trying to sell them stuff?  Actually I don’t know but either way, Bill Porter was determined to succeed.  Over the course of time, he went on to become the top grossing salesman for the company in the United States.[1]  With relentless determination and a positive outlook, Bill had made a life for himself as an individual.  Just reading about the obstacles that he faced just made my jaw drop and say “Wow”!   The man couldn’t drive, could barely walk and spoke with difficulty.

After being hit by a car in 1997[2], Bill Porter was no longer able to travel on foot to meet with his customers.  He then resorted to keeping the business going through contacting his customers by telephone as well as having his own website on the Internet.  With the help of an assistant, he is able to get the tasks done that he is not able to complete himself.

What made me think of writing this?  I had been thinking about the “demons” that we sometime have within ourselves that hold us back from achieving or doing what we want.  For some reason, the name Bill Porter came to mind and I realized that often the biggest obstacle we have is ourselves.  For me, the life story of this truly remarkable man makes me realize that with the right mindset, anything is possible.  Take a look at the links below to learn more about someone who can be a source of inspiration for all!

p.s.  The Watkins Company looks like they have a pretty interesting product line; you should check it out!

Bill Porter’s website

Article in People Magazine about Bill Porter

[1] From

[2] “Life of a Salesman” by Susan Horsburgh, People Magazine ; Vol58 No4, July 22,2002