Brevity in Online Marketing

At the time this post is being written, I am also in the process of reading “Think Like a Champion” by Donald Trump.  I admit that lately I have become interested in reading his books since he has obviously experienced and continues to experience great success as an entrepreneur.  What better way to learn how to do things successfully than to study those who experience the success that you wish to attain?

In the chapter of his book “Keep It Short, Fast and Direct,” Trump quotes Confucious in saying that “He who will not economize will agonize.”  The main point that is brought out is that when busy people have agreed to receive information that someone else wishes to present, they want to do it in as little time as possible.  When it comes to introductions, it is recommended to keep them to less than three minutes.  Limit presentations to less than five minutes.  Now granted, you can’t gauge how long it will take someone to read a page but you can take steps to ensure that your written description as well as mention of the products benefits to the customer clear and concise.  I can recall a recent personal experience when a repairman was giving me a big drawn out explanation as to why something needed to be replaced and I found myself instantaneously gesturing with my hands for him to get right to the point.

When it comes to marketing, people get frustrated when they are bombarded with long, drawn out explanations as to why a certain product is so wonderful and I think that the additional tidal wave of testimonials only adds salt to the wounds.  Think about it, how did you feel when you went through a webpage about the latest and greatest product offering online and you found yourself wondering when you would get to the bottom of the page?  Lately this has become one of the biggest turn-offs for me and I often find myself leaving the page before I am even done reading the whole thing.

So consider this, next time you get ready to promote a product online, keep it short and simple.  Tell them what it his, the benefits it can provide and if they are not satisfied, let them know that their money will be refunded.

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