"Blogging Emergency, Blogging Emergency"!

Oh my goodness!   Do I have a humdinger of a post for you!  Some of you may say ” Awww, that’s nothin! An easy fix”! But for those who would not have thought of this, you may thank me later.   What happened to me earlier this evening was that I had just finished installing a new blog on one of my domains (www.taoofonlinemarketing.com) and I decided I would log in and start making some modifications and additions.  Well……….the password was not working.   To make matters worse, when I tried to have a reset sent to my email, the email was not picking it up.

What to do? What to do?   So I called GoDaddy.com and they recommended that I try to access the blog database (via PhpMyadmin) and attempt to find the password.   The representative said that he would not be able to show me how to do this and I would have to refer to a WordPress forum.   What I ended up doing was typing “how to access a WordPress password from the database” in Google and came up with a very handy reference page.    This showed me how to access the proper location of the database and then I found out the password itself was encrypted (it was described as an “MD5 hash”) so I had to learn how to transfer a new password into the MD5 hash format but that proved to be very easy.   The following links below will give you access to the pages that I got my guidance from so that I could solve my predicament.

Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin | Devlounge

Free online md5 hash calculator based on php script

So once I was done making the necessary changes, I tested everything and things were working just fine!   As for why the original confirmation link did not go to my email address, I have no answer.   Hopefully this article will prove of use should you ever come across a situation such as this.   Being as how a blog can be a very necessary part of one’s online business, being able to get the blog restored is of vital importance.

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