Various beginning online marketing strategies

In order to have any degree of financial success with your business, you must develop online marketing strategies that will draw potential customers to your websites (generate traffic) so that they may see what it is you have to offer and then hopefully elect to purchase one of your goods or services.  But with all the methods available on the Internet, how do you decide which method is best for you?

The options are many and since this article is intended for the beginning marketer, I will list a few.  Once proficiency and familiarity are obtained with the initial online marketing strategies, it will then be time to explore more advanced and complicated methods.  A couple of methods available to get your beginning online marketing strategies off the ground are article marketing, classified advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

I am not going to include specific instructions on how to implement  these online marketing strategies but I will describe each one briefly and then provide references I myself have used for more detailed information on how to get my marketing campaigns going.

Article marketing deals with the writing and submission of an article that is relevant to the content of your web-page.  This is sort of a give and take arrangement.  In return for your submission of content to an article directory ( I use ), you will be provided with a chance to give a brief biography of yourself as well as the opportunity to list your website.  This way, anyone who reads your article will have the opportunity to visit your website as well.  Should you decide to pursue article writing, you may want to consider the purchase of article submission software so that you can submit your article to a multitude of websites without having to login to each individual site.  This can result in a significant saving of your personal time.

The next online marketing strategy I wish to discuss involves classified advertising.  This allows you to submit an advertisement following the guidelines listed by the ad website and send it to an audience that is in a specific or widespread geographic locale.  You also get the chance to post your website ( again, another opportunity for traffic generation! ) as well.  I recommend going to Google and typing “online classified advertising” to get a list of potential websites to submit your ad to.  For multiple submissions of your ads, consider purchasing an advertisement submitter program (i.e. “Power Submitter”) to expand your potential audience.

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is also worthy of consideration.  This gives you another avenue for advertising your goods or services and also provides an excellent method of specifying your target audience with your ads.  I myself have used PPC advertising with Google and Facebook.

Two sources of information for how to implement these online marketing strategies that I have used are and Stephen Pierce’s book “How to Make Real Money on The Internet”. The NetDivvy website provides pertinent information and training resources free of charge and Stephen Pierce’s book is available for a $4.95 (at the time this post was written) charge for shipping and handling.  Another resource you may consider reviewing is I have not checked squidoo yet for this personally but they seem to have a multitude of how-to information available.

Finally, to get your online marketing strategies started, select a method that you feel comfortable with and start getting good at it!

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