Are You The Type that needs Instant Gratification?

Whenever we put effort into something we ask ourselves “What’s in it for me?”  This boils down to what will you get in return for the efforts that you put forth.  In some instances, we need to have long term vision and be aware that what we desire may not result in fruition as soon as we would like.   Or we may get our attention drawn to something less important but yields a dividend (gratification of some sort) sooner than activities which may be more important but not have the results manifest as soon as we want.

A current example relating to myself is this:  For about the last year I have been somewhat “hooked” on playing an online WWII aviation game that yields such prizes as various virtual gifts dealing with warplanes as well as “yellow-chickies” which can be turned in for items that you would otherwise have to pay for.  Along with this you get to advance in “levels” and get a variety of doohickies that go towards enhancing the overall experience of the game.   But when it comes down to it, none of this stuff that is obtained by playing this game really matters other than it provides a form of entertainment.

In the online ventures that I have been involved with, a more consistent and prolonged effort was required before desired results (such as sales) began to materialize.  Weeks if not months at times would elapse before things started to take place.  But that was okay because I knew that time and consistent effort would be required in order for payoffs of any type to emerge.   But herein lies the good thing; as Wallace Wattles mentions in “The Science of Getting Rich,” this is a cause and effect world.  By this he means that specific actions are required to achieve specific results.  Right now I am enjoying being able to pick delicious oranges off of the tree in my back yard.  This came about from my pruning the tree, applying fertilizer at the right time and making sure that the tree received an adequate supply of water.  All of these measures were carried out over the course of a twelve month period of time and I have been performing these same steps year after year since I moved into my current home.   I can be confident that once this current batch of oranges has been picked, I will once again be able to enjoy a new crop of delicious oranges when the next season arrives, barring no unforseen circumstances of course.

The same type of long term focus needs to be applied to business. This in addition to doing the proper research (such as verifying that there is a demand for your product or service as well as if your customers want to do business with you) as well as patterning your actions from those who have already proven successful in your type of business can go a long way to your success.  If your business ventures are not manifesting with the results you want, ask yourself (and be honest!) if you are doing what it takes to really succeed.  Are you putting in the required effort as far as the appropriate actions are concerned toward doing what you need to get done?  In his book “Outliers”, author Malcolm Gladwell makes mention of the prolonged effort that the Beatles put into their music and the time (we are easily talking 10,000 hours) that Bill Gates devoted towards computer programming.  Yes, in order to get really really good at what you do, it may take that much time to get where you want to be.  Of course, as with anything there will be those who disagree with this and this guideline is not absolute.

So if you are working on something and things aren’t working out as quickly as you would like, you may need to stop, do an assessment and ask yourself why that is.  By the way, “Outliers” is a really really good book!  Highly recommended.  To find out more, click the link below:

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell


When it comes to success, by all means Go For It!  and don’t hold back.


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