Are You Really an Entrepreneur?

I had to ask myself this question recently.  While reading “Nothing To Lose and Everything to Gain” by Ryan Blair, mention was made of the enormous sums of money involved, the risks, vast amounts of time required to develop a business and get it started and numerous other factors.   The author even mentions to the effect that if an individual dedicated six months out of the year to entrepreneurial pursuits, it would take about 10 years to be a professional.

Now I have to admit that with my current schedule (day job), it would take me at least 100 years to get to the pro point.  But being as how I deal with comparatively miniscule amounts of money, my risk taking is comparatively negligible and I do use much of my free time to focus on my family life; I have to ask myself do I rate being able to describe myself as an entrepreneur?

I took a look at Wikipedia’s definition of entrepreneur and it described the term applying to a person who is willing to undertake a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for its outcome.  Now granted my undertakings would not even show up as a proverbial blip on the radar compared to those of Ryan Blair but going by this definition (which seems legit to me), I am comfortable in describing myself as such.

How about you?  Are you one who thinks in the “9-5, Monday to Friday” mode or do you think for yourself and set your own path?  Do you think of new ways to do things or is whatever comes your way good enough?  Only you can accurately decide for yourself or you may be one of those people who needs someone to reveal to you what lies within.  I will also say this; If you truly feel that you are an entrepreneur, you most likely are!

Once again, Best Wishes and here’s to you “Thinking Outside of The Box!”



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