Are You Holding Yourself Back From Success?

Now that a new year is upon us, no doubt you have heard the term “new years resolution.”  Lot’s of people decide that they will endeavor to accomplish things such as weight loss, get a new job, eat better, etc.  Earlier this week something happened with a friend of mind that made me think of something that we all might wish to consider as a resolution.
For the past couple of years she had been submitting applications and interviewing for promotions.  But in one possible career field she had been telling herself that she was not qualified for the position.  I decided that I would work with her to help her boost her self confidence as well as coach her on what she could do to improve her chances for professional advancement.  She confided in me that she was nervous and anxious about taking the required promotion exam because she needed to achieve a high qualifying score in order to be considered for the position.  Over the past couple of years that I have known her, I noticed from time to time that she was plagued on occasion by a lack of self confidence.  That day, I gave her the authorization to go home early in order to prepare for the examination and later on that day she called and joyfully told me that she obtained the score that she needed.  I heartily congratulated her and told her that all along I knew she could do it.
We met the next day and she told me that after reading the qualification requirements for the new position again and in more detail, she realized that she could have applied for this new position years ago.  She had been stopping at the point on the application where it referred to needing a certain amount of college credits and neglected to go beyond to see where it mentioned about having equivalent professional experience that could be substituted for the college requirement.  It was mentioned that she was imposing restrictions on herself that in actuality did not exist.  We then discussed the possibility in life of how often people do not accomplish what they set out to do because they feel they are confronting obstacles that aren’t really there. It turns out that the only obstacle was themselves.  “Self imposed barriers” was the term we used.
Which leads me on to what I would like to encourage people to pursue for the new year.  Ask yourself if there is anything that you would like to do but feel you are not able to accomplish.  Is the reason due to circumstance or due to your mindset?  Think about it long and hard. If you see other people achieving what it is that you want to do, start believing in yourself.  Start visualizing in your mind that you have already accomplished what it is that you wish to do.   See it internally and feel it as if it has already taken place.  Imagine yourself enjoying the satisfaction of already having accomplished your goal.  If it’s a place you want to travel to, take a picture and paste an image of yourself onto it.  If it’s more money that you desire, close your eyes and picture yourself already having it.  In the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, he describes in detail a visualization technique that you may find to be very powerful.
So as you begin the new year, take some time to thing about what it is you would like to accomplish if you have not done so already.  Should any doubts exist, make it a resolution that you will develop a more positive outlook on things and take a stronger belief in yourself.  You can do it!
Best wishes to all for a prosperous 2011!

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