Are there demons within you?

At various times in my life I can recall feelings within me that basically gave me the impression that for one thing or another, I simply was not deserving of it or was not good enough to pursue it. Or even if I did pursue something, sometimes a nagging thought lingered within me saying that I would not get good at it. These negative feelings that I allowed to hold me back at different phases of my life I coined as my “inner demons”.

What causes these feelings of self-doubt to generate?  My feeling is that it has to do a lot with upbringing as well as various social taboos that get imposed upon us. People who in their minds are wishing us good by not having harm fall upon us can actually be a source of harm themselves.  How about you, have you ever experienced what it was like dealing with such demons within you?  If not, consider yourself fortunate and chances are that you know someone who does deal with feelings that generate from an overall lack of self-confidence.

How can such a situation apply to the aspiring online entrepreneur?  Well, chances are that if deep inside you don’t think you will be able to get something done; those feelings of self-doubt have a strong probability of seeing that you won’t get that particular something accomplished.  Now every once in awhile there is the occasion where someone has an unexpected positive outcome and experiences success but in general the end result won’t be the desired one.

It wasn’t until recently that I came across a simple method of how to deal with what could be described as a somewhat crippling lack of self-confidence. In his book “ The Motivation Manifesto,” author Brendan Burchard gives reference to an enemy that stands in the way of us achieving our personal potential.  He names it “Defiance” and describes it as a 3-headed monster that comes to life whenever one wishes to take a risk.  “Defiance” is what causes us to experience the feelings of anxiety, trepidation and self-doubt.  The three heads of this monster also have names; they are Doubt, Delay and Division.  To combat each of these three entities, the author offers a remedy for each.  To combat Doubt, the author tells us to and gives suggestions to develop ourselves so that we can replace it with faith. To counter Delay, Mr. Burchard tells us to take action. Of course this does not mean that one should take action haphazardly, but know when the moment is right and act upon it.

Now I found the description of Division most interesting; an “eyeless, jet-black serpent head” whose “goal is to shred our humanity by making us go blind to the good in others”. It is what prevents us from coming into contact and interacting with others. Burchard teaches us to make the transition from Division through the use of love. Not love in the romantic sense, but from a sense of being able to see and accept the good that is within those around us.

It is my opinion that the implementation of the wonderful information that Mr. Burchard shares with the readers of his book, The Motivation Manifesto, will prove themselves to be tools that are nothing short of invaluable to those wishing to be entrepreneurs.  They will serve to remove obstacles, accelerate people towards there goes and enjoy the interaction that comes from dealing with like-minded individuals.  But don’t sell yourself short by confining your readings to this post; that would not do you the reader justice.  Allow yourself the opportunity to fully experience what this treasure of a book has to offer and get a copy of The Motivation Manifesto for yourself!

My sincere and heartfelt thanks to Brendan Burchard for this wonderful contribution to the good of us all.


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