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Late this afternoon I arrived home after attending the “First Million” seminar hosted by featured speaker Marshall Sylver in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For this trip to Las Vegas, I elected to drive instead of fly and I ended up seeing some parts of the “Silver State” (is this a reason why Marshall Sylver lives there?) that I had not seen before.  Going down Hwy 95 from Reno to Las Vegas proved very interesting.  Even though the western part of the state is fairly desolate, the small towns that you pass through have much historical folklore.

By the time my wife and I arrived at our hotel after a 10 hour drive; we were very much ready to get into our room and relax.  The JW Marriott hotel where the event was hosted is very upscale and we thoroughly enjoyed the amenities.  After a few hours of R&R, my wife persuaded me to drive her down to Las Vegas Boulevard (a.k.a. “The Strip”) where she got to catch some glimpses of the glam and glitter.

On Saturday morning the seminar kicked off with Marshall Sylver discussing millionaire skills and mindsets, personality traits and the topic of personal charisma.  The next topic of presentation was on priority management by noted speaker Chuc Barnes who went into great detail on discussing the need for the clear establishment of priorities.  One of the main points highlighted by both speakers was the significant importance of time and the need to use it effectively.  Do you wish for more time?  Sorry, what you get is what you get and we each get a different amount.

Over the course of the two days the seminar also covered persuasion techniques, reinforcing statements, presentation skills and distinguishing features of poor and good leadership.  Mr. Sylver went on to describe the content and structure of the “Irresistible Influence” and “Financial Prosperity” seminars and offered some pretty enticing bonuses as an incentive for people to register while they were attending the event in progress.  Mention was also made of the opportunities to become a trainer with his company “Prosperity Alliance” and the potential looks very promising for those who are interested in work involving public speaking.

Due to having a lengthy drive ahead of me after the conference, I elected to leave at the halfway point on day two of the event.  As a result I missed the segment on Internet Marketing techniques and I hopes this does not prove to my detriment.  I would have been very interested to see what was covered but I also wanted to get a jump-start on my return home.  Next time I attend First Million, I will stay for the duration and fly home instead!

Outside of the discussion on personal charisma, I especially benefited from hearing Mr. Sylver refer to what he calls “Achilles Heels.”  These are defined behavioral traits that if not corrected, can contribute to poor business outcomes.  Two were mentioned that rang clear with me so I am endeavoring to get these modified PDQ!  I must also acknowledge the extreme generosity displayed by Mr. Sylver in that he purchased lunch for all attendees on both days.  The food was delicious!

All in all, I am very glad that I attended and would recommend this training to anyone who is pursuing success as an entrepeneur.  It was very energizing to be in the presence of like minded individuals all sharing a common purpose.  To learn more about First Million as well as the other Marshall Sylver training seminars, go to Attending the “Turning Point” seminar is encouraged prior to attending First Million.  I have also attended Turning Point and was very satisfied with the experience.

If you decide that you would be interested in attending a Turning Point seminar, I have a limited number of tickets that I am in a position to offer at significant savings.  The two venues where “Turning Point” is held are Las Vegas, Nevada and Orlando, Florida.  The normal price for attending is $3000 but I can offer what I have on hand for $495 while they last.  For what you walk away with after attending, this is a very good deal.  Email me at erik(at) for more information.

Best Wishes and Here’s To You “Making It Happen!”


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