About Me

I am a retired Navy veteran living in Sacramento, CA.  The subjects of personal development and goal achievement have always interested me since I myself had issues dealing with a lack of self-confidence during my earlier years. During my current profession as a program manager with the State of California, I have taken an active role in coaching and mentoring personnel who were in pursuit of furthering their professional careers.

Being as how the youth of today are the leaders and decision makers of tomorrow, I am deeply committed to the concept of the vital role that adults can serve as positive role models for our kids. The time that is invested in providing youth with encouragement and positive motivation on their value as individuals will yield enormous dividends on the outcome of their lives in the future.

My personal interests include hanging out in bohemian coffee shops, bicycling, the study of the Romance Languages and of course becoming absorbed in a good book that deals with personal development!  We as individuals all have gifts that we can share with others. So if you see someone who needs help in an area that you possess strengths in, chances are you stand a chance of making a big difference in their day.

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