A Simple Method for Password Management

With all the accounts for different websites that you may end up establishing as an online entrepeneur, it is imperative that you come up with a way for effective password management.

What I mean by this is that the list of passwords that you may end up being required to keep track of can be extensive.  An additional concern arising out of all this would be ensuring proper security for these passwords.  If you have a file showing your passwords in plain text, this could pose a problem should this list fall into the wrong hands.

After getting to a point where I started to think that things were getting out of control with the number of passwords I was dealing with, I checked with some network buddies at eliteinnercircle.ning.com and asked for suggestions about password management.  One person suggested checking out a website called pwsafe.org.

I went ahead and reviewed the site and after deciding that I liked what I was seeing, I decided to download the program (free download) and check it out.  After initially being a bit bewildered on how to set up my first “password safe,”  I finally caught on and was pleased about how it is to separate the passwords as one sees fit.  The passwords themselves are encrypted once you enter them into the database that you are setting up.

Later on, should you decide that you need to use one of your passwords, all you have to do is “open the safe,” (you will see what I mean by this when you start playing around with the software) and click on the password that you wish to use.  The password you select is essentially transferred by a copy and paste feature so once you get to your website that requires a password, you operate your mouse to initiate the paste feature and place it in the password field.

I have found that since using Password Safe, I will be able to keep my passwords in one single, secure location.  Since the program is loaded onto your own computer instead of being stored on a remote server, this should lend an extra degree of confidence to you.

So if you find that the number of passwords that you are keeping track of is just getting to be too much, I recommend you check out Password Safe as a possible option for password management.

Best Wishes and Here’s To You “Making It Happen!”

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