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At some point in our lives we all experience a feeling of doubt as to whether or not we can accomplish something.  More often than not, we hear “No you can’t!” than “Yes you can!”  People also tend to be inclined to accept the negative influences that come their way instead of standing up to them and focusing solely on the positive.

Back in 2002 I had the experience of watching a movie titled “Door to Door” with William H. Macy.  This is the story of a remarkable individual named Bill Porter who would not take no for an answer.  Stricken with cerebral palsy, Bill Porter was basically faced with the prospect that he would not have a normal life.  Undeterred by his physical obstacles and with the unending support of his parents, Bill was determined to make his own way in life.  Landing a position with the J.R. Watkins company, Bill began his career as a door to door salesman promoting the company line of culinary, personal care and home cleaning products.

Did he get the door shut in his face?  Oh I’m sure it happened many times!  Did he worry about what people would think when they saw a physically handicapped man knocking at their door trying to sell them stuff?  Actually I don’t know but either way, Bill Porter was determined to succeed.  Over the course of time, he went on to become the top grossing salesman for the company in the United States.[1]  With relentless determination and a positive outlook, Bill had made a life for himself as an individual.  Just reading about the obstacles that he faced just made my jaw drop and say “Wow”!   The man couldn’t drive, could barely walk and spoke with difficulty.

After being hit by a car in 1997[2], Bill Porter was no longer able to travel on foot to meet with his customers.  He then resorted to keeping the business going through contacting his customers by telephone as well as having his own website on the Internet.  With the help of an assistant, he is able to get the tasks done that he is not able to complete himself.

What made me think of writing this?  I had been thinking about the “demons” that we sometime have within ourselves that hold us back from achieving or doing what we want.  For some reason, the name Bill Porter came to mind and I realized that often the biggest obstacle we have is ourselves.  For me, the life story of this truly remarkable man makes me realize that with the right mindset, anything is possible.  Take a look at the links below to learn more about someone who can be a source of inspiration for all!

p.s.  The Watkins Company looks like they have a pretty interesting product line; you should check it out!

Bill Porter’s website

Article in People Magazine about Bill Porter

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[2] “Life of a Salesman” by Susan Horsburgh, People Magazine ; Vol58 No4, July 22,2002


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